Board of Directors and Executive Officers

SPC Power Corporation Board Of Directors 2023-2024

Dennis T. Villareal

Alfredo L. Henares

Alberto P. Fenix, Jr.

James Roy N. Villareal

Lee, Dal Hun

Kim, Kil Won

Lee, Sanghun

Bang, Sanghee

Independent Directors:

Enrison T. Benedicto

Francisco L. Viray 

Sergio R. Ortiz-Luis, Jr.

SPC Power Corporation Officers 2023-2024

Chairman of the Board

Alfredo L. Henares

President and CEO

Dennis T. Villareal

Executive Vice President

James Roy N. Villareal

Executive Director

Alberto P. Fenix, Jr.

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Jaime M. Balisacan

Senior Vice President for Legal and Regulatory Affairs/ Compliance Officer

Maria Luz L. Caminero

Senior Vice President for Business and Commercial Operations

Cesar O. Villegas

Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer

Nino Ray D. Aguirre

Corporate Secretary

Atty. Victor P. Lazatin

Assistant Corporate Secretary

Atty. Mishelle Anne R. Rubio-Aguinaldo