Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To provide quality and reliable power supply to our customers from a mix of   conventional and renewable sources and ensure a fair and reasonable price that will allow an appropriate balance between availability of supply and equitable return to our shareholders.

Our Vision

To be a long-term partner in the growth and development of our nation, by providing an imperative for nation-building and a better quality of life for our citizens  —-  electricity.

Our Values

S-TEADFAST.   We are dutifully firm and unwavering in our resolve to always meet our customers demand;

 P-ERSISTENT.   We are determined to reach our company’s goals despite challenges or obstacles;

 C-ARING.  Caring for  and protecting our environment is a prerequisite for the success of our business;

P-HILANTROPHY.  Giving back to the community is our way of life. We are sensitive to the needs of the communities we serve and belong to;

O-BJECTIVITY. We trust our personnel’s judgement to be free of bias and outside influence in carrying out tasks.

 W-ELL BALANCED.    We aim to provide our personnel with a healthy work-life balance atmosphere that  increase their productivity and boost happiness in the workplace.

E-EXCELLENCE. Day in and day out, we strive to be the best in everything we do.

R-ESPONSIBILITY.   We trust and rely on our personnel to make decisions on their own,  based on limits of authority and  principles of  personal accountability.