Whistle-blowing policy

The Code of Corporate Governance for Publicly- Listed Companies provide that the “Board should set the tone and make a stand against corrupt practices by adopting an anti-corruption policy and program in its Code of Conduct. Further, the Board should disseminate the policy and program to employees across the organization through trainings to embed them in the company’s culture.”

The Company has an open policy that actively promotes honest and highest ethical behavior possible in all its business dealings and activities.

SPC Power Corporation employees, executive officers and directors who have knowledge or reasonably believe that an applicable law, regulation, policy or ethical guideline has been, is being or about to be or may be, violated must promptly report such information to any independent director of the Board,   or Compliance Officer of the Company.

The Board, through the Corporate Governance Committee (CGC), shall establish a suitable framework for whistleblowing that allows employees, executive officers and directors to freely communicate their concerns about illegal or unethical practices, without fear of retaliation and to have direct access to an independent member of the Board or the Compliance Officer on whistle blowing concerns. The CGC should be conscientious in establishing the framework, as well as in supervising and ensuring its enforcement.